• Keith Wallace
    • Producer
  • Hope Daley & Matt Dykes
    • Executive Producers
  • Keith Wallace & Carl Goldstein
    • Creators
  • Carl Goldstein
    • Writer & Director

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In the heart of the Florida Everglades, a deadly threat lurks beneath the surface, born from the unintended consequences of the exotic pet trade. The South East Asian Burmese python, once innocently introduced, has now become an apex predator, wiping out 80 percent of indigenous wildlife and creating the largest invasive species crisis in the United States.

Fish and Wildlife officer Kip Smith, who foresaw this ecological disaster, now in his 50s, embarks on a mission to halt the serpentine menace. His cover: overseeing the town of Gladesville’s 1st Annual Python Hunt. However, Sheriff Jonas “Colonel” Johnson, haunted by his daughter’s dwindling livelihood and a silent battle with cancer, fears the hunt could bring more trouble than relief to his struggling community, especially while he investigates some missing locals.

As the Python Hunt kicks off, a disturbing trend emerges—missing adult male pythons and females devoid of egg clutches. This anomaly raises alarm bells, prompting Kip to seek the help of Dr. Erin Li, a brilliant biologist, and expert herpetologist. Together, they unravel a grim truth—pheromones suggest the Ophidian, a massive ancient snake, is attempting to mate.

Amidst the chaos, Chief Abaika Osceola and his tribe, guardians of the Ophidian, strive to maintain her captivity. When bankers and locals fall victim to the Ophidian’s fury during a night hunt, tensions rise. Kip, Erin, and Sheriff Johnson unite to prevent the snake’s mating, with the aid of Billy Osceola’s technical prowess.

Their journey through the treacherous Everglades leads to the discovery of ancient secrets and a sacred connection between Billy and the Ophidian. A final confrontation ensues at a mystical “Tree of Snakes,” where the Ophidian’s mating call is inadvertently echoed.

As the Ophidian charges towards them, the Owtee tribe intervenes, revealing they seek to protect rather than harm. The snake’s ominous presence stirs ancient traditions, and a battle of intentions unfolds.

In a breathtaking climax, sacrifices are made, alliances forged, and destiny revealed. Chief Abaika, Billy, and Erin are chosen as the Ophidian’s custodians, while the military steps in to secure the snake’s fate. Sheriff Jonas faces a personal battle with cancer, emerging as a symbol of resilience and unity.

Ophidian is an epic tale of humanity’s struggle against nature’s wrath, where heroes emerge from unlikely alliances, and the delicate balance between man and beast is tested.


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