• Keith Wallace
    • Producer
  • Hope Daley & Matt Dykes
    • Executive Producers
  • Keith Wallace & Carl Goldstein
    • Creators
  • Carl Goldstein
    • Writer & Director

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For generations, humans have drained and polluted Florida’s Everglades, flooding the swamps with phosphorus and mutating the most delicately balanced ecosystem on the planet. Now, a new type of predator has evolved. Massive highly vicious snakes have taken over the preserve…

Sensing an immediate threat to the ecosystem, the state’s government officials take matters into their own hands. They announce a massive hunt to eradicate this new threat. Hunters from all over the state pour into Collier County with one mission. Kill every snake in sight.

At first, this wild west approach seems successful. But as time goes on, a new trend emerges. Hunters who leave their staging camps each morning stop returning. Search parties tasked with finding them, also do not return.

The predators begin to venture deeper and deeper into civilized areas. Beloved family pets are missing, snakes are found in cars and homes, and their left-behind shedded skins, have the residents living in constant fear.

When public outcry finally reaches the Oval Office, the government rounds up a group of highly trained former special operations forces, skilled in dealing with unusual situations.

They employ Marine Commander Johnson to lead the mission. Johnson and the team deploy to the Everglades. At the staging area, they are met with desperate faces of citizens who have lost loved ones, and government and community officials hoping for a miracle.

Johnson and his crew examine an aerial view of their destination – a large area of dense land in the center of the park. Switching to a 3D mapping view, they scroll through the images of what lies beneath it. Miles of cavernous tunnels intertwining underground. When the area was mapped 8 months ago, the caverns weren’t there.

The team enters the Everglades… now eerily silent. The sounds of animals and insects, acutely evident just seconds ago, stop at once, as if someone has muted the volume over the entire preservation. The only species left are the snakes. They are colossal, aggressively snapping their tails around trees, hissing in union. They attack with a type of precision never seen before.

As the team gets closer to their destination, they begin taking casualties as the snake attacks increase. They approach the caverns. The attacks become more coordinated and strategic as if the snakes are being controlled. The predators seem aware of the team’s tactics and adjust to overcome them.

By the time the men reach their destination, their numbers are drastically reduced. Fighting their way to the epicenter, in a den full of mutated versions of every type of snake on earth, they finally see “The Queen,” a 30 feet tall snake, surrounded by eggs.”

The few men left understand they have to destroy the Queen here and now along with the eggs, by any means necessary. Even if this means sacrificing their lives. The fate of the world depends on it. Armed with the few remaining light weapons and ammo, and a cache of explosives, the real battle has just begun.


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