About Wallace Entertainment

The Closest Thing to Hollywood in Southwest Florida

Wallace Entertainment is all about bringing movie magic to Southwest Florida. To accomplish this goal, we have assembled an all-star team of industry professionals with an established network of partners, affiliates and contacts across all areas of the entertainment industry.

Mission Statement

Wallace Entertainment’s goal is to establish Collier County and the surrounding areas in Southwest Florida as a year-round premier travel & Entertainment destination. WE will accomplish this goal by being the driving creative and financial force for the production of feature-length films, television series and commercials, as well as other media content right here in Collier County.

Creating a vibrant, active community of talented artists and technicians coupled with the abundant natural recreational resources of Southwest Florida, Wallace Entertainment will become a key driver of future growth for the area.

Why Partner Wallace Entertainment?

Quality & Success!

WE was founded by Keith Wallace, actor and model, with over 20 years of experience. Keith has partnered with local and industry professionals such as Oscar-winning directors and award-winning media companies to ensure that the end product is always everything it should be.

By establishing a complete professional team experienced in all facets of film production, editing, voiceover work, modeling, entertainment events and more, WE is your “one-stop” destination for whatever your particular production or projects requires.

Keith Wallace

The Man At The Top:

In a field filled with many diverse personalities, Wallace entertainment founder Keith Wallace still remains unique among his peers.

Not many actors or models can also include provided personal security for U.S. Presidents, governors and other heads of state on their resume alongside modeling gigs and appearances in blockbuster movies and TV series. But Keith Wallace can.

His acting work includes appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the film Avengers Endgame and the Disney+ television series Loki. He also appeared in numerous national commercials while his modeling work has encompassed successful campaigns for national and regional clients.

As a private security professional, Keith had provided security for U.S. Presidents, U.S. Senators, governors and other dignitaries, working alongside the Secret Service and other law enforcement officials.

Now, Keith is bringing those 20 years of wide-spread experience to his own entertainment company! Wallace Entertainment will generate unique, award-winning content developed and produced right here in Southwest Florida.

Some of Keith’s entertainment accomplishments include:


  • Avengers Endgame


  • Marvel’s Loki 
  • Graceland


  • Best Buy 
  • City Mattress
  • Dunkin’ Donuts
  • Rooms To Go


  • Sunshine Ace hardware 
  • SAAKA Sportswear 
  • Ave Maria 
  • Clip Stock

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